Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Wrap Up ...

Day 8/365

Good evening peeps.

I've just reached home after a whole day at school. I was at school from half-past ten this morning, I've managed to wrap up the preparation before the school reopens this coming Sunday, January 11.

The academic improvement planning is printed.

The yearly scheme of works and all the related teaching document are bound.

The files are labelled and arranged.

The tabletop is layered with a half an inch glass.

In short, everything seems to fall into place and is ready for the school term 2015.

I reached home minutes to six in the evening!

The following pictures depict parts of the fruit of my labour ...

To some, these are chores but to me they are my passion. It's inspiring and motivating to flip through beautiful plannings and documents. They add colours to my working life.


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