Friday, 9 January 2015

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Day 9/365

Good morning people. 

My past craziness has come back to haunt me. Don't get jolted! There's nothing serious. It's all about blogger. I used to love editing and sprucing up my blog, but lately worldly duties have prevented me from doing it.

Out of the blue, I was called to delve into it again last night. Once I set my foot in, I won't retreat until I've got what I've been looking for. 

First, I tried to meddle with the HTML function. It looked so much different compared to a few years back. Editing and changing are no longer a piece of cake. However, after a careful consideration and observation, I managed! Thanks to the step-by-step tutorial by Helplogger, specifically this post.

From the conventional blogger-look, I transformed Sophyta's Casita into the magazine style layout. 
Instead of displaying the whole blog post, now, only thumbnails of the post with one image is shown on the page. I hope with the new magazine-like outlook, Sophyta's Casita will load at a faster speed and draw more visitors. 

Nonetheless, I won't call it a stop, as yet. The look of 'Read More...' is in need of making up! 


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