Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Morning Rain ...

I love rainy days!
I don't mind the drumming of rain on the roof. I love that sound! It's soothing. It's refreshing.

I know most of you, especially rubber tappers in Malaysia, are hating it judging from all the complaining I heard.You could not tap rubber trees. You could not get the latex. Most of all, you could not bring home the bread. I empathise with you.

Though rain is a nuisance to many, but I can't help loving rain.
I wanted to share with you my point of view ...why I love rain immensely. 

You see I live in Malaysia, a tropical country where the weather is hot and humid throughout the year. I'd be very ecstatic if the temperature of any given day read 29 degree Celsius or lower. With this temperature, I can concentrate on my work, I can snuggle up with my favourite book, I can whip up my family's favourite dishes... so there goes the list of my 'favourite things and tasks' which could be accomplished on a 'cool' day.

My dream of completing these tasks ...without sweating only comes true on a rainy day!

This be dawn, there was a heavy downpour, and it lasted for about an hour. It poured again at around 9.00 a.m. Another loads of it came again at 10.00a.m....and another batch came at 1.00 in the afternoon.

It made my heart swell. It cooled down my innermost. 

At this moment, the thermometer displays 30 degree Celsius.


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Anonymous said... I love rain. Morning rain is the best gift ever presented by Mother Nature.