Saturday, 9 April 2011

Someday Syndrome...

Most of us suffer from Someday Syndrome. We tend to procrastinate. We don't get up fast. We keep on postponing. Thus, our goals and dreams seem far fetched. 

According to Alex F. Fayle, there's a cure to this 'sickness'. He asserted that we need to muster the courage in order to sail across the Someday Sea to the Life and Dream  Shore safely.

Quoting Alex, "With a Someday-Busting Cure, you will sort out your dreams, plan your journey, and live your future today, not someday."

My biggest Someday is doing a doctoral degree. In reality, doing a PhD is a huge undertaking. It demands great commitments and sacrifices. It will mean another sacrifice on the part of love ones.

The urge of doing PhD can stem from various sources. As for me, I plan to take a PhD primarily as a means of self-development. I'm not aiming for a big post in a big office neither to draw a 5-figure salary. 

If I were to be granted a chance to do PhD, it's solely due to my intense love in acquiring knowledge. To me, knowledge acquisition is the noblest thing to be uphold by every able-bodied educator.

However, before jumping onto the bandwagon, I need the very blessing from my soul-mate. Only with his blessing, I can diminish the Someday Syndrome!


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

You will, my dear. Believe me,you will. I'll be waiting eagerly for your good news-someday (which gonna be YOUR day)

Sophyta said...

Thank you my dear Mas. Following you gives me a sense of pleasure, emulating you lifts up my spirit. Yeah! The Someday will be My you've said in your prayers!