Sunday, 26 January 2014

Blue Cow in the Playground

Blue Cow wonders about the big world beyond her field. 
Not long after that, she arrived at a big playground 
with blue swings, a yellow see-saw and a big red slide.

blue swings

a yellow see-saw

a big red slide

Blue Cow walked over to the swings.
"I'd like to try that," she thought.
So she tried to sit on the swing but she was too big.

Then, she walked over to the see-saw. 
But, when Blue Cow sat on the see-saw, she could not balance with Joy,
the little boy.
Blue Cow was too heavy.

Joy asked Blue Cow to try the slide. 
But, she was stuck at the top of the slide.
So the children pushed and pushed until - pop!
Blue Cow slid down the slide and landed at the bottom.

Finally, Blue Cow asked the children to climb onto her back.
And they went for a wonderful ride around the playground.

"Hooray for Blue Cow!" they cried.
"Come back and play with us again!"

"I will," said Blue Cow.

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