Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ducks in a Row ...

It seems my ducks are lining up in a straight row.
The only thing that I need to do is getting them shot ... one at time, of course.
First thing first, my pupils' SBOA records which are in need of my immediate attention, need to be updated by this Sunday.
After that, a thorough discussion and revision would take place ... in time for the mid-year exam.
But, wait... I have to send the master copies of handouts to the officer-in-charge by May 5.
On May 18, I would be giving a course at a nearby PKG...the crash course is targeting Year 6 English teachers.
Most probably, I would be wrapping up this semester with a course on KSSR for the private school teachers.
Hopefully, every plan would take up its course well.

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Kaz said...

Wow, it seems that u r very busy Chinda. Well, I m not surprised coz U r such a responsible and talented teacher.

Sophyta said...

Dear Kaz, that's a teacher's life. Our work would only end on the retirement day, I guess!

mas said...

positively said dear, with yr capabilities, everything will be done accordingly!

Sophyta said...

Mas dear, since I have chosen this line of profession, I've to make it as enjoyable as possible. Working with positive mind and open heart would grant us with great satisfaction.