Thursday, 5 May 2011

Having my friend back..Part 2

We did numerous trainings together as both of us are from SJK. We completed the whole cycle of revised curriculum, from year 1 up to year 6. 

Tok Bali Resort where the Lit Coz took place
Later on, we're roped in for the training of contemporary literature for children. That very course took us to a seaside resort in Kelantan, and that course was the last we're together. 

Me at the resort after the course

In the hall during the course
Not long after that, her family moved to Penang Island. As usual, pastures always seem greener from this side of the sea. The same holds true with this friend of mine. She yearned for 'sparklers' which she believed could be granted by the metropolis of the north.
A bevy of teacher trainers ...the friend is one of these pretty ladies. Can you guess?

If you are like me, you can probably count your closest friends on one hand. So realizing that I'm almost have lost touch with most of my friends, or even this friend, is quite unsettling. But the fact is, time and distance have a way of putting dents in relationships that I once thought would never end. Life became busy and busier and workloads piled up. Without conscious effort, work, husbands, families,  and even hobbies began to take precedence over old friendships and became excuses as to why I don't keep in touch. But, my innermost screamed... "Let's face it, my lives would be fuller with friends!"

Winding down ...

Dear readers, whether you'd like to rekindle an old friendship or need creative and fun ways to keep in touch with current friends, the first step is to commit to keeping the friendship alive, forever!  Just remember, "friendships are not a chore, they are gifts to be cherished".

To be continued ...


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

Hey.....I like this. Luv the way you valued and cherished the friendship.Hope to be one in the long line.

Sophyta said...

You're one...forever and ever, my dear mas!