Friday, 6 May 2011

My Mom, My Goddess ...

Mother's Day usually falls on the second Sunday of May each year. This year, 2011, Mother's Day is on May 8th.

To all the mothers out there, this day is for you.  While every mother is equally important, I would like to make a tribute to the one mother that brought me into this world. 

In many languages, Mom is either Mama or Mamma. But, in Thai Mom is Mae. Hence, while everyone else calls her Niarn, I call her Mae.
My Mom, My Goddess

So Mae, this tribute is for you.  To honour the trials and hardships that you had and for you to celebrate your motherhood. This tribute is for you, Mae.
Mae and her youngest born, Chai

You took on the challenge from the very beginning, when you experienced the labor pains that resulted in three beautiful baby girls and three boys.  The pain must have been severe, but the love greatly overshadowed it.
Mae and her granddaughter, Lynn

As an infant, you fed us and nursed us.  You cleaned us and changed our diapers.  All this you did umpteen of times, since you had six children.  And despite the exhaustion and occasional frustration, your love and patience prevailed.
Mae at her son's wedding

As a child, you taught us the ABC’s.  You read us stories and tucked us in at night.  You disciplined us when we were out of line by giving us timeouts.  And despite our struggles in school, you never gave up on us.
Mae and Ny, my sis on her wedding

As a teenager, you gave us “the talk”.  And during the hard times, you never gave up.  You praised our successful achievements in high school and our good grades in college.
Mae and me at my convo

And to this day, your patience has endured.  In all these years, you have demonstrated unconditional love, devotion and patience in raising me, not to mention my younger brothers and sisters.  There are still many challenges ahead, but none that are too hard to face.  And what else can I say?  I love you, Mae.  Thank you for always being there for me and never giving up.
Mae and her first grandson, Korn

The job of a mother is not an easy one.  It’s full-time, and you don’t get paid.  But the efforts are so rewarding.  The love, the care and the respect that you get in return.  Thank you Mae for taking on the hardest job in the world.

.... and Happy Mother’s Day, Mae!

I Love You!

You're My Goddess!


TlcBalingSik said...

dear, now I can see from where you and your other siblings inherit the beauty and charm. She's beautiful .What a loving and motherly-looking lady you have there.No wonder you guys love her dearly.Happy Mother's Day to you too,dearie!

TlcBalingSik said...

AND I luv the pinky OWL.....he he!That's the newest enhancement,right?

Sophyta said...

Mas dear, thank you (on behalf of my mom)! You should see her in her heyday...compared to her, i'm next to nothing in all aspects. She's a great wife, mother and grandmom.

Sophyta said...

Yes. The pink owl is from

Amy Sullivan said...

Hey girl,
You left a comment on my blog saying you sent me a pic for the Your Mama, My Mama bloggy tribute. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I didn't get it. I didn't want you clicking back this weekend and wondering why your pic wasn't up!

Here's the my email if you want to try again!

Nice meeting you through the blogosphere!

Sophyta said...

Thanks Amy for alerting me. I've resent you a copy of my mom pic. Thank you, dear!