Monday, 11 April 2011

Upholding one's culture...

With the advent of new technology, most of us are drifting waywardly in the sea of materialism and hypocrisy. To some, being able to assimilate into a more dominant culture is a boon. Some would feel on top of the world if they could speak the dominant language, dress like them and eat their food!

But, what most of them have missed was their own 'roots'. To me, being able to express myself in my people's language is the thing that we should be proud of, being able to share my culture with others is a great success, and being able to 'champion' my people's cultures and values is the greatest achievement ever.

Thus, in order to safeguard the much loved culture, value and language of my people ...where we have to struggle hard to be among others, I enrolled my children in language and religious classes. Thank God! They seem to do well in both classes. In another word, they excel in their studies!

Pictures shown are the testimonial of their success!
Korn and Lynn after the Dhamma result was announced
Korn and dad at Boonyaram Temple, Kubang Pasu

Lynn and dad after the announcement of Dhamma 2 result

The Suvanamporns at the temple compound

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