Wednesday, 7 January 2015

More Planning ...

Day 7/365

Good afternoon peeps!

This school year is being inundated with planning, just like many parts of the country, which was inundated with flood. Every panel in school was ordered to produce a strategic planning to spur our school academic achievement.

Most of the dedicated panel head shoulder this responsibility all by themselves. Nevertheless, there're a few who have' subconned' the task to his/her panel members. They might work smart for shifting the weight to others, but there's no guarantee in the quality of the final product.

For the three of us, language teachers, everything is on us. I've been toiling since late last night and the whole day of today; and I've just wrapped it up a few minutes ago. Tomorrow is another printing and binding day, where I planned to have it done at school.

Even though I ended up with a stiff neck, looking at it again, brought a smile to my face.


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