Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Printers and Printing Jobs ...

Day 6/365

Good evening people.

After toiling for days, planning the yearly plans, today was the printing day.

After the panel meeting, which ended at eleven, I took the position in front of the office computers.

Though I've planned and saved all the work in Google Drive, the insanity struck when I was about to print. The format changed! The laser printer refused to print!

I toiled for hours, trying to figure out what's happening to both my work and the printer. No one could solve the problems. Neither the tech savvy nor the computer expert could lend me their hand.

In the process of trial and error, a few pieces of paper and a few milliliters of ink were sacrificed! I felt bad, extremely bad for failing to execute the printing job.

Finally, learning things the hard way did pay off! I managed to print the way I'd wished for. I conquered the technology successfully.


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