Saturday, 3 January 2015

Plans and Plannings ...

Day 3/365

Good day beautiful people.

After a day filled with clearing and decluttering, we were greeted by the dry tap. There's no running water from 3.0 p.m. onwards. We were caught unprepared. Very meagre water was stored for the household - one and a half buckets! 

This morning, there's still no sign of the Elixir of Life! Living on the high rise is a no child play when  it comes to dry taps. Climbing up the 36-odd steps, my husband has to fetch buckets after buckets of water. It's love!

Today I dealt with plans and plannings - yearly scheme of works for all the subjects. As usual, I was given four classes of English, two classes of Arts and a class of PE.

The downside of me is, I don't consent to using the recycled plans. Mine are all 'alive and kicking' plans. The dates are real and the plannings are of course real!

Half of them is done. The rest is to be continued tomorrow.


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