Sunday, 4 January 2015

Labels and More Plans ...

Day 4/365

Good morning peeps.

The dry-tap continues. However, I don't feel bad about the predicament that we're facing. I don't feel restless. I don't feel uneasy. I don't feel to move out. I don't even think of moving back to our old house. I love this place! Love makes us strong and unbreakable.

Fetching water is my hubby's routine. Though he doesn't feel good, he never complains. He makes sure we have enough water to bathe and clean up. It's love!

Since I can neither cook nor wash, I focus on my plans. More plans have to be churned out today. By right, the new school term begins today, but due to the flood disaster in the country, the 2015 school term is postponed for a week. My heart goes to the flood victims and I always remember them in my prayers. To those who are not affected, it's a blessing in disguise. More plannings could be accomplished and more labelling could be done too.

I decided to have all my projects and school works filed up and documented. You'll never know when you're going to need them. Come December 11, I'll be celebrating my 20th year in the teaching profession. It's timely to get organised and buck up. You might have a good laugh but I'm a staunch believer in 'it's better late than never'!

And, my accomplishments for today are:
  • 20 file spine labels
  • 20 file labels
  • 10 file dividers
  • 2 yearly schemes


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