Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It's Cloudy and Foggy ...

Good day awesome people.

It's cloudy and foggy. Precisely. It's the state of my mind. I've been reading and researching but I'm yet to start writing, seriously. I have most of the information needed for the writing but I delay the writing process. I can't no longer call it PROCRASTINATION! It has since developed into 'sickness'! It's a kind of mental disorder. I'm suffering from a grave attitude problem.

Day in and day out, I'll find some other things to do. I'll concentrate on some other menial tasks and I'll go with them the whole day. I'll be very contented if I'm designated for other tasks. The main reason is I'll be 'excused' from putting my hands on the poor thesis.

Praying that I'll change! Hoping that tomorrow will be a new dawn!


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