Monday, 15 December 2014

The Rain is Still Around ...

Good morning peeps.

I was just starting to miss the rain. It was absent for days. I thought it'll be gone for weeks or worst for months. I've begun to brace for hot  and humid weather. I've smeared dollops of body lotion on what appeared to be my dry skin.

I was wrong! The dry season isn't here yet.

The rain hasn't gone after all. It is still around. It made its present felt last night. It came again this morning. It has been raining since then. It comes with freezing wind and the chill weather keeps most of the robust children in the neighbour indoors.

We, me and my siblings, used to resent rain when were small. Rain locked us indoors. Rain brought sludge and murky water.  Rain restricted our mobility. The worst of all, rain dampened our spirit.

Things have changed!

I, particularly love to see rain drops on leaves. I love the sight of trees and bushes being drenched. I adore the cool fresh air that come alongside the rain.


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