Sunday, 21 December 2014

Why did I choose this path?

Good evening peeps.

On February 7 this year, I registered for the long lonely journey. Months have passed and there has not been a single a day  where I haven't thought of it. It's always on my mind, day and night. I think of it in the waking time. I even dream of it in my slumberland.

At times, I envy others who are free to enjoy life. They aren't tied to any study obligations. They aren't bogged down with tons of journals. They aren't asked to summarize journals. They aren't asked to quote anyone's work. They aren't asked to do critical review of any journals. 

But, I have chosen this path. I've made the toughest decision in my life. I've to perserve. I have to make it happen in three years.


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