Friday, 5 September 2014

Our E-Pocket (2) ...

Happy Friday beautiful friends!

How's your weekdays? Hope you had a great one. Over here, we only work for four days this week. Thanks to National Day. 

My entry today is again on E-Pocket. I've shared with you my email to the officer-in-charge here. And, I did talk about it here, too where my superordinate heard about it being mentioned at the grand launching or the Jerayawara.

Yesterday, we received slides of the E-Pocket grand launching, and so did another 733 schools in Kedah State. When my boss asked me to go through the email, I just helped her to download and save it somewhere in our school PC. Only this morning I went through the email again, leisurely though. This is what I discovered in the email. It's in one the officer's grand launch slides! It's my email to her.

Heard of it read at the Jerayawara thrilled me. Seeing it being embedded in the officer's slides braced and delighted me like wine. 

Thanks Madam Aiza for giving me this honor.

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