Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Girls ...

Good day beautiful readers.

As mentioned in the yesterday's post, today's entry is about my two cute girls. Don't get me wrong. They're not my daughters, but they're like one. Sheril and Phebe, the two adorable girls are my students. They're 12 and 11. Both love English, the subject dreaded by many others. Since they love the subject, they adore me too, the subject teacher. 

Both represented my little school in the storytelling and public speaking competition respectively. Both won the competition. Sheril emerged second while Phebe got third. In actuality, they defeated 80 other students in the district. No doubt, they make their teacher proud. Though they're the product of a vernacular school, they stand stall in the knowledge that they did their best.

I'm proud of you, girls. 


Khalipah Mastura said...

congratulations darling . they are superb and the teacher is super superb ! again my kudos to you on your success. dear.....come and view my other blog. catchy learning cottage at formerly known as teacher learning community.

Sophyta Sengsuwan said...

Thank dear sis. Actually they're very talented kids...very lucky to have them as my students. I've visited...quite often...only that I haven't left any comments. Love the blog. Your matrics students are very fortunate to have u as dear lecturer.