Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Annual Carnival ...

Good day beautiful readers.

It's over!
What a relief.

The annual co-academic activities is over, so to speak.   The action song competition, the public speaking competition and the storytelling competition had been carried out yesterday. 

It was indeed a hectic day for me. Having to coordinate and 'run' the show all alone wasn't a piece of cake. Great effort has been made to run the show.  The preparation began many months ago. Every issue cropped up needs to be taken seriously. 

It's a success. I can proudly say that the carnival was successful. Despite minor glitches at the start of the event, everything else ran smoothly. Every event was completed according to the schedule. Hope it'll be a  better one next year.

***Look out for the post about the cute girls in the pictures tomorrow.

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