Friday, 27 June 2014

I'm Loving You - FROG VLE ...

Good day beautiful readers.

It's raining now. The shower has just begun. The fresh cool wind and the sound of rain make writing again. 
I've spent the past entire week exploring Frog VLE, my new learning and teaching environment. The whole experience is satisfying. There's only one word to describe the training - SATISFIED!

The trainers did their job very well. Each issue was tackled with much professionalism. Hitches and glitches were smoothed over in a short period. The training team, along with the coordinator, gets a huge kudos from me for that. 

The training ended yesterday. Nonetheless, the learning process didn't stop there. I resume the self-training the whole of today. My passion for the Frog has seen me plunging into the Frog Pond and surfacing with a renewed vigor. Through umpteens trials and errors, I perfected my sites and the dashboard. To date, five sites are up and running. I'll come back with more feedbacks and comments once my students lay their hand on those sites. You have my word!


Khalipah Mastura said...

hi dearie. nice to read your updated posts. bravo and well done to everything u have achieved.happy for you dear.would like to know about this froggie juga le

Sophyta Sengsuwan said...

Thanks sis...VLE is a virtual learning environment. It's a platform for cloud very fortunate cause my school is supplied with Chromebooks and Yes 4G. Will keep you updated. You have my word dearest.