Friday, 25 April 2014

Side Business vs Core Business ...

Good day beautiful people. It's a Friday! A beautiful day to unwind and loosen up.

The past two weeks have been hard for me. My energy level was dwindling. I was extremely fatigue. My brain cells depleted. A week meant for celebration and festival has turned out to be a very hectic one.

My Core Business was messed up. Towers of books piled up high on my working table. My Rewards System weren't progressing. Kids were after me. They wanted to redeem the accumulated points. My lesson plannings weren't the usual ones. They were neither challenging nor spellbinding. I didn't feel good. I was robbed of the precious time with my students. I was robbed of the quality time with my loved ones too.

All in all, I have no one but myself to blame since I always feel obliged to serve my school. I am pleased to serve my district. I just feel honoured to serve my state and my country. Whenever these Side Businesses got in my way, my Core Business would suffer a little setback. I would definitely make up for lost time.

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