Monday, 17 June 2013

Growing Phonics 2

They have always been a handful.
They are labelled the naughtiest kids in the school.
They are the noisiest, too.
Undoubtedly, most of them are with ADHD!

Be that as it may, they turned in their homework on time last Thursday.
It's their Growing Phonics. When I entered their class that day, 
everyone was ready with their Phonic Pot!
It seemed all of them were waiting for the photo shoot session eagerly.
I beamed from ear to ear.

It works! 
A little change did make a huge difference!

And, here are the wide-eyed antsy kids with their treasured Phonic Pot ...

The most adorable ones with the brightest blooming phonics flowers.

They are struggling kids, but, alas they managed.

They did it, too.

Brimming with joy.

These are ours!

The chubbies with their laudable pieces.

We did it, too!

Oww! There's a bud among the blooming ones!

Aren't they dainty?

Ours are perky!

The special one with his charming piece!

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