Friday, 21 June 2013

Daybook 15

Good afternoon lovelies! 
It's a Friday and over here, it's a weekend.

For today  ::  June 21, 2013

Outside my window. . . the sun is making its mark ... though the PSI reading here is very very low ... its presence is felt ... I only have a pale view of the hills...

From my kitchen . . . fried yellow noodles with eggs and shredded cabbage ... and of course some aromatic Neslo.

I am thinking. . . of my former lecturer, Mdm. Lucille Dass (today is her birthday) ... of how our path crossed about two decades ago ... she changed my life ... to be a better teacher ... from a naive young student-teacher who struggled with her own advancement and the pursue of  guiding and helping others....

I am remembering. . . my favourite lecturer's words ... truly great teachers are rare ... I've only had a few ... there are plentiful good teachers, and far too many bad teachers, but great teachers can be hard to come by ... I've noticed that these teachers have a few things in common.

I am going. . . to cook, roast, fry, blanch and wash and wash ...

I am reading. . . articles on passionate teachers ...

I am hearing. . . the blare of songs from my son's lappy ...

Around the house. . . pretty cool and gloomy ...

One of my favorite things. . . is seeing a sense of satisfaction and a big smile on my pupils' face ... after each lesson.

A favourite quote for today . . . Those who are free of resentful thoughts, surely find peace!

From my picture journal. . .

Madam Lucille,
You gave me strength,
You gave me courage,
You gave me confidence,
You made me a better person,
Thank you for your patience,
You're a wonderful lecturer
who proved that learning can be fun
and a wonderful experience.

Happy Birthday Madam Lucille. 
May your special day be blessed 
with every goodness God plans to bestow upon you!

Image credit: Mr Eric Yeoh

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