Friday, 15 July 2011

Sharing and Imparting ...

It has been days since I last updated this blog. I was busy with the sharing and imparting process. It really zapped my energy as dealing with adults were not as easy as dealing with the little ones. Yes! Exactly, I'm just done with days long course. This particular course, which ended yesterday was the longest course I have ever conducted. It's a five-day-course, and for the first time in my life, I have to give almost all the slots single-handedly. Giving is one thing; commenting and correcting course participants' works is another daunting task. Many thanks to the course participants as they indeed, had made my day.

This is not a new thing. Forsooth, I was trapped in the team since 2003. We've been together through thick and thin., and we've never deserted each other. Over the years, we went through all obstacles and difficulties and enjoyed every minute of it.

It all began when I came back to my home state in 2000. In 2001, I attended a course conducted by CDC (now CDD). I was awed by the way the trainer partaking her task. It was done so professionally. I like her style instantly. She's really a very good presenter, she knew her stuff well. Every information was at her fingertips. That very experience made me love my profession more deeply.

The next year, I attended another course, also conducted by Jag, my idol. She handled a real large group easily. Though some were loosed and strayed, she managed to wrap them around her little finger eventually. I gained loads more new teaching  ideas and knowledge from her.

Came 2003, I was called to attend a course in Kuala Lumpur, most probably I 'talked' too much during the earlier courses and seminars. As a 'punishment', I would have to deliver CDD messages to other teachers. It's 'scary'. Butterflies fluttered wildly in my stomach on the first day I stood in front of my course participants. I had sweaty, clammy hands. My anxiety level surged. Nevertheless, I 'suvived' the session. Since then, I've helped the team to carry out innumerable courses for teachers at the district as well as the state.

Look out for more recounts on my bitter sweet experiences during the stint with the Sharing and Imparting Team in the next posting.

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