Friday, 8 July 2011

It Warms the Cockles of My Heart ...

Yesterday evening, July 7, we went back to my parents' place, which was about 50km away. It's quite late as it was a working day for me and my hubby. The main reason we were there was to celebrate my first born's 15th birthday. It's been an annual ritual for us celebrating our kids' birthday at my parents' place. They, Lynn and Korn are very close to their maternal grandparents as they were nurtured by Grandma and Grandpa since they were born up to their first birthday.

Though my mom was not given a clean bill of health, she's full of vim and vigour when she prepared some excellent dishes for dinner single-handedly. Growing up, my mom cooked us (my siblings) three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I now realise what a superhero she was, and wonder how she always managed to have a hot home-cooked meal on the table for us every day, despite her loads of chores. I'm a no match!

My dad was a bit under the weather, too. Most probably he worked too hard, for his age. But, our visit had surprisingly lifted up his spirit. He enjoyed chatting with his son-in-law. With my hubby, he could relate his vast experience in farming and plantations.

I'm very thankful to my second sis, Bussaba, too for her angelic deed. She traveled all the way to Penang to fetch the cuppies. No complains uttered as Korn is no doubt her favourite nephew. The credits also went to my youngest brother, Chai. He snapped all these gorgeous-looking photographs. The great shots of the cuppies were taken in a jiffy. To him, every picture can be special if you put some thoughts into it!

Simple acts, huge impacts.


Kaz said...

Happy birthday to your handsome son, Chinda! He is lucky to be surrounded by people who love him so dearly.

Sophyta said...

Thank you, Kaz.