Saturday, 16 July 2011

Parents' Expectations...Our Expectations ...

I'm a parent.
I have children.
I have lots of expectations from my kids.

Sounds familiar?

Do you ever feel you 'expect too much' from your little ones? When I hear people questioning this it's often an indication they're experiencing some disappointment or they're worrying about pressuring their kids.

Great expectations are a big part of parenthood. As parents, of course, my hubby and I have great expectations for our children, because... well...we love them. We want the best for them. When we look ahead at the big picture of our children's' lives, we want them to have ... health, wholeness, pleasure and peace because ... again, we love them dearly.

Thank God! Our children seem to understand this and they respond well. But there comes a time when our children, in order to have a healthy maturity for the rest of their lives, must learn to be independent. So one of our goals in training them up, is to equip them to make good judgments and choices when they are out there, in the wild on their own. 

In the process of training them up, we respect  and have faith in them that somehow or other they know what they're doing. And truly, if left alone, we strongly believe they will do it right for themselves!

We always have faith and expect that our son and daughter ...
  • are able and actually prefer to be kind to others
  • can competently decide how they will spend the day
  • will choose what to eat by listening to their body's needs
  • are going to do what they need to do to become the best they can be
  •  to get dirty exploring and experimenting to learn about life on this Planet Earth
  • by their own efforts, can manage their life and make appropriate choices for themselves

Dear parents,
You're the world's leading expert on your children, the one person in creation best equipped to bring out the best in them. Just remember, as you go about it, that it's only human for parents to tend to expect that our children can do more than they can really do. Even slight adjustments of your expectations to compensate for that tendency; a little more emphasis on shaping, a little more patience, a little reflection on what's really important to you as a parent and what behaviors can be left to disappear or develop on their own ... can produce surprisingly excellent results!


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