Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Canes vs Lollipops ...

Years ago ...
I jumped on the teaching bandwagon fully enthusiastic and...
with only one thing in mind...
I wanted the best out of my young charges.

Sadly, sadly...
being a young wife and an expectant mom,
I hardly managed to control my emotions.
The rugrats seldom escaped my punishments.

They were punished mainly for not doing their homework
and making noise during the lesson.

Lots of screaming and yelling
had taken place within the four walls.

There were certain extends where harsher punishments meted out.
The poor kids were caned on their tiny, fragile palms.
The little children were pinched and had their ears pulled.
In the process, loads of hatred were sown instead of love.

Years passed...
I regain my composure.
I realise that a way to a child's heart is not through caning or nagging.
A child should be treated with care and affection.

I adopt the love cup metaphor.
Children crave love, and...
to love them is  akin to positive attention.
The experts said...
when children are filled to overflowing with wholesome attention,
they feel loved and act accordingly.

Hence, now, lollipops are presented to the kids instead of canes and whips!


Kaz said...

Hi dear, I have never missed reading your entry though sometimes I was not able to leave any comment here. Chinda, I admire u for your language and idea, and I admire u for the sincerity of every single word that u wrote here.
Anyway, we learn best from our experience. I experienced what you have experienced too in my early stage of pregnancy. I am sure the students still remember me as a moody and temperamental lecturer until now.

Sophyta said...

Dear Kaz, thank you very much.
It's very true that we learn best from our past experience, as no doubt experience is our best teacher.

My bunch of pupils now is luckier than the previous groups as they don't have to put up with my ill temper. Instead, they are showered with cares,loves and affections.