Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Capturing My Little Posses' Heart ...

Whether you are just hopping on the teaching bandwagon, or you're at wits end of getting your students' attention, there are ways to potentially increase the likelihood of you capturing the kids' heart. Here are some suggestions, gathered over my very own decade of experience...

Be Yourself
There is absolutely nothing more than being who we are. But, this does not mean that we constantly show the bad side of who and what we are. We need to show the kids our good side. Lead through examples.

Listen to the kids. Listening more than speaking builds a relationship of trust. If a child feels safe communicating with us, they are more likely to confide in us when they need help. It also shows we respect them and earns their respect back.

Be understanding, do not lose temper unnecessarily
In any situation, we should refrain from raising or voice or throwing things at the kids. It just does not help. It will further aggravate the situation. Instead of stomping out of the classroom, I would focus on the cherubic faces. Their angelic smiles would 'cool' me down.

Hope these ways of capturing students' heart help!

This catchy phrase has captured my attention ...

“If you have a child’s heart, you have his head.” 
~ Flip Flippen

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