Thursday, 31 March 2016

Read It, Eat It: First Anniversary

Hi peeps.

Read It, Eat It was launched a year ago and today, March 31, 2016, we celebrate its first anniversary. 

As a refresher, this is a reading programme which was launched last year. 

Apart from eating and relieving themselves, most of our students did not put the 20-minute break time to a good use.
Some students wandered around the school compound aimlessly while most of them played with their friends.
Since we do not have a proper playground or an area which we can call a 'field', our students spent their time running in and around their classrooms. 
By the end of the recess time, the kids would be drenched to the bone.
The smell of their sweat-soaked hair and shirt was becoming too much for me.
They were indeed soaking wet cats. 

Hence, the term 'Read It, Eat It' was coined after having observed the students' routine.
Surprisingly, the programme is well received by many avid readers. 
Most of the young students choose to forgo the pleasure of relaxing and playing during recess time. 
Let the pictures speak for themselves...

Happy Reading!


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