Friday, 23 January 2015

I'm crawling...I'm dawdling ...

Day 23/365

Good day people.

It's almost a year since I registered myself as a student, again. Back then, I was a person of great vitality, vigour, high-spiritedness, exuberance and passion. Completing my study in three years time was ultimate goal. Visits to my SV was frequent and constant. I was always seen reading from the conventional books, journals and also ebooks and ejournals. Writing and editing were my routines.

I was a self-funding postgraduate student. All university tuition fees were forked out from my own pocket. Thus, every nickel and dime counts. Then, miracle happened. Yes, miracles do happen. Half a year ago, I was offered a scholarship. The long much awaited help had finally arrived at my doorstep. My financial problem vanished in thin air. I'm thankful for the help.

I'm given five years to complete my study. And, a year has almost passed. Thus far, I've not progressed much. At the same time, my passion for studying has begun to dwindle. Right now, I'm crawling, and I'm dawdling, too.  I need to put myself back on track. A booster is highly sought.


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