Friday, 5 December 2014

The Wedding ...

Good evening sweet people.

It's my second entry for the day. Earlier today, I did mention Procrastination Collection. Yes. Attending a wedding reception is part of the procrastination stockpile.

Why is attending wedding dinner taken much of my writing time?

First, it's the dress. We spent one whole Sunday shopping for the evening dress. My girl got herself two lovely dresses while I bought myself three. My husband was very kind to wait on us, as ever. He was'nt allowed to leave the boutique as his opinion was highly valued.

Secondly is the trip. We made a few trips to the groom's house prior to the big day. Each journey took us almost two hours, and no doubt we reached home shortly after midnight.

Even so, relatives wedding shouldn't be taken lightly. Their happiness must be shared. Supports must be given. Whatsmore, it's my husband's nephew's wedding and he happens to be the first to be wedded in his family.

Our heartiest congratulations to you and your wife Boey! May you be blessed with a lifetime of love.


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