Thursday, 4 December 2014

Another Reason to Procrastinate ...

Happy Thursday awesome people!

I'm seemed to be very 'busy' these past two weeks. Each day I manage to find a reason, a good one to PROCRASTINATE! I, myself is awed at how good am I at finding ways and means to procrastinate. If you're puzzled on what I'm babbling about - I'm actually in the process of completing my Chapter Two. However, I'm stalled and side tracked!

Whenever I opened my proposal, I would be 'urged' to check my FB wall. Whenever I started typing, I would be 'coerced' to check emails; I mentioned emails because I did check office's emails. too. Each time I began to look for resources to back up my write up, I would be 'directed' to this blog. The 'bad' voice deep inside persuaded me to update this blog.

Dear post-grads,
Do you face the same problems?
Are you being constantly side tracked?  

School events contribute to my Procrastination Collection!


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