Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Class is Noisy ...

My class is 'noisy', and it always will be. The students are chatty, active, energetic and lively. They are boisterous, too but they are very keen. In a nutshell, they look forward to having me in their class; and they always will be.

I'm well aware that my young charges love ...

  • the Qs and As session.
  • all the games that challenge their little mind.
  • the Point Rewards System.
  • and,  all in all they love being appreciated and acknowledged!

Some teachers like it quiet. Some like it very orderly. Some don't probe; no questions asked and no answers required. The lively eleven-year-old kids are made to sit in rows, copying every single word scribbled on the green board. The bell rings and the so-called 'teacher' stirs in her comfortable armchair. The poor kids rise half-heartedly and thanked the 'great' teacher for her 'meaningful' lesson.

My heart goes to those poor souls.


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