Thursday, 13 March 2014

May I help you, teacher?

Late one afternoon, l stayed back after school. My headmistress (principal) stayed back too.
Here is our conversation; a conversation between a subordinate and her superior.

Boss:  Madam C, you know what...?
Me:    Yes, ma'am?
Boss:  Heng, the Year 6 boy ...
Me:    Ok, Heng? What happened to him?
Boss:  This morning, he came to me and asked me ... Teacher, may I help you?
Me:    Heng spoke to you in English?
Boss: Yes! He spoke fluently. I was taken aback but I did answer him in English, too.
Me:    Lovely! In fact, he always speaks to me in English though he could hardly write.
Boss: You've succeeded in capturing the kids' heart! Congratulations, dear!

I was flabbergasted!

Heng with a Chromebook.

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