Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Growing Phonics

I've learnt a valuable lesson through trials and errors.
Class control is always the biggest headache in my school.
Our pupils are extremely rowdy and chatty.
Thus, to keep them on their toes, a well-laid out lesson is a necessity.

Since we're half way through the phonics lesson (for this year), a revised lesson on phonics is timely.
For the lesson to sail through without glitches, ADVANCE PREPARATION is the key word!
Every single item needs to be patented and pre-cut for the kids.
Once all's set, you could sit back and observe as the lesson unfolds before your very eyes.
As the saying goes, You shall reap what you sow!

The Growing Phonics pot.

Lots of love for the pot.

Children hard at work.

He's yet to grow his phonics plant.

Draw ... draw ... cut ... cut.

The 'oo' flower.

The pot and the flower.

The kids gave me their word. Their Phonic Pots would be on my table the first thing in the morning tomorrow. We shall see ....

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