Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A little pizza ... a gleam of hope

The 'Pizza Contest' as the kids used to call it, is here again!
Everyone was very excited when they were informed about the contest, especially the first-timers.
They conjured up the image of finger-licking gooey cheesy pizzas in their head!
The beauty of this activity is that the drawing and describing keep them on their toes and they could enjoy doing what they love to do.

Spinning the tales.

Guidelines and more guidelines.

Adapt ... adapt ... write ... write.


Under the watchful eyes.

Even the notorious is tamed!

The front cover is taking shape.


Comments... comments ... praises!

The work of a once hardheaded boys!

Illustrated by a girl who never did her homework!

Drawn by the 'Bully King'.

The work of an artistic boy.

In the name of PIZZAS, one boy can team up with three girls.

NIE activity is in full swing.

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