Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Homework Galore...

Teachers and homework are synonymous.
Teachers love to give homework. Giving loads of homework to students is a way for teachers to maintain their status quo.

Teachers who assign the most homework is perceived as dedicated, diligent and outstanding. They earn respects from parents and administrators. They are often seen as authoritative figures. Their words are sacred. They were never being denied or refused by their subdued students. Their commands are taken seriously at all times.

But, have they ever looked back? Have they ever asked their students? Could they complete the given tasks in a very short period? Could they manage them on their own? Do they have enough time to rest and spend quality time with their family? Is the task assigned benefiting students?

More often than not, the poor students were deprived of their much needed rest and sleep. They seldom had proper meal. They did not get to play their favourite games. They were confined to their study table. Their little fingers were numb and stiff.

A subject teacher who assigns too many homework would affect her/his colleague as well. Kids would be placed in a great dilemma as whose homework to be given a priority. It is a norm, however, if a kid chose to focus on a 'fiercer and meaner' teacher's assignments. Thus, it is not surprising if students do well in his/her paper instead of yours!

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