Sunday, 17 June 2012

She's a big girl...

She turned twelve on May 1. She was presented with two cute birthday cupcakes.
She celebrated her birthday with friends at school a day earlier.
On May 1, she had it celebrated once more and this time with her love ones.
Both her parents were there. Her big brother was present. Her grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunties...
cousins ...small and big...everyone was there, joining in the celebration.

And, the birthday girl is no other than my one and only daughter, Lynn.

From a bubbly chubby rosy-cheek girl, she's grown up so fast.
She would be issued her own identity document in a few day's time.
She has begun to have her say in buying and choosing her own clothes.
She pays more attention to her body.
Her chubby cheeks are gone. She has won the battle of belly bulge once and for all.

Nonetheless, she is still my little girl.
She is always be the young girl to me even though she is all grown up in others' eyes.

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