Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dear Sophyta ...

Yes! This is a backdated post! I reminded myself
that I need to record every joyful and meaningful moment
in my life ... and happiness meant to be shared!

Dear blog,

Today, June 8, 2012.  It’s the last league of the mid-year break. Waking up to a fresh and bright day on the highland, I savoured every moment possible. However the fine weather was short-lived as it poured hours later. The rain did not come alone. It was accompanied by thick heavy mist and freezing wind. The mist descended upon the area like a host of angels touching down the earth. It enveloped the whole field force camp, an excellent retreat that we called home, blurring the vision, shielding many apartments and little hills nearby.

The misty heaven-like scenery last for a mere hour, and the sun made its grand entrance once again. The reappearance of Mr Sun was soft yet forceful, though. Its bright light was peering through doorways and windows. Every nook and cranny was not spared from the piercing heat.  It brightened the whole sanctuary and it definitely cheered me up too.

Nonetheless, how I wished the connection is as good as it used to be back home in the low-lying land. How I dreamed of wonderful virtual tasks that could be executed whenever I was connected. How I hoped I could update my dear Sophyta’s Casita more often. But, there was always a blessing in disguise. I have accomplished a score of worldly tasks with the Internet in the absentia. I have even attained peace of mind without the present of the internet.

Dear readers,
Please come back to catch a glimpse of my ‘worldly tasks’ achievement.
Till then ... goodbye friends. 
Goodbye holidays!

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