Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Living among the lowly on the highlands...

They are called the jungle people. They are always frowned upon by the so-called civilized people. They live simply but contentedly. They don’t gawk or make unpleasant remarks when they cross path with you. They don’t yell at dusk when peace and tranquillity is much needed. They are well aware of individual’s rights. They don’t trespass to your property despite living in squalor. And, the most importantly they don’t practise exorcism. Yes! They are my new lovely neighbours, sharing the serene neighbourhood on the highlands.

Involuntarily, the bitter memories of the lowland neighbours kept coming back, haunting me endlessly. Their conducts made me squirm in disguise each time I reminisced the bad old days. They were presumably the learned ones. They were frequently sought by the equally lost souls. They won all disputes as they were forever right. Thus, it was pointless to reason with them. The whole pack would attack the rivals if challenged. They expected their next door neighbours to give in to their every whim and fancy. Your driveway was at all times theirs as they, as well as their ‘customers’ parked their cars haphazardly. Your backyard was also theirs since they constantly needed it for their family functions.  And, the worst of all they performed eerie exorcism!

The purported devout god followers had never thought of others well-being. They carried out the witchcrafts whenever they desired. It could be at eight when little kids were in need of some quality times with their parents. It was even executed at midnight, and the shrill wails of the possessed sent poor girls out of their bed. Many a time it was performed at three in the morning, and no doubt many poor souls residing close by lying wide awake till the crack of dawn.

I am not ranting but simply sharing.

A great lesson learnt! 

The look doesn't really matter. The IQ is never an issue. But, the heart is!
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