Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Rain ...

It rained late last night.
It wasn't drizzling.
It wasn't a mere little rain.
It, in fact was a torrential downpour.
Buckets of rain drenched our little town on the Saturday night.
It cooled the town folks. It soothed us. It lifted my spirit.

I love rain, no doubt. Yes, I've numerous previous posts specially dedicated to rain.
You may check it out here and here.
My love for rain is substantiated. My love for rain is warranted.

To me, rain is a remedy.
It could relieve pain in the heart.
It could cure human-related diseases.
It could even correct 'sick' human disorders.
It could bring back 'lost' spirits.
It could ward off dormancy.

To me, rain is everything!

Thank you Mr Rain.
Do come again another day.
You're always welcome over here.

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