Sunday, 8 July 2012

Misfortunes never come singly...

It happened not long ago. It started on a cloudy Monday morning.

The first incident
On the way to attend a curriculum course, my car was rammed from the right. The driver beat the red light. He did not even slow down to have a look at my little car condition. He sped off immediately. My innermost urged me to seek justice. Without much thinking, I turned into a police station. That was my very first, making a traffic report, all alone. However, there was always a rainbow after the storm. I was given way to have my statements recorded first. The IO reached on the dot; as my report was being printed! The IO treated me as the first class citizen.

The second incident
The hotel lift was under maintenance. We, my friend, the lovely Ms Tan and I had to lug our half-a-tonne-luggage all the way down to the lobby.

The third incident
The hotel room was so-so. The entrance, bedside and study lights were already blown. The sink appeared to be partially clogged. Water wasn't flowing well.

The fourth incident
Had problem with my tooth. It happened before and that was two years ago. It gave problem when I was in the midst of attending a very important course where lots of things needed to be done; lots of talking,  lots of smiling and of course lots of doing presentations. I was miserable. I could not focus.

The fifth incident
While waiting to be picked up for the dentist's appointment, my mobile phone had no reception. I could neither contact my friend nor her son who was on the way to pick me up. Other hotel guests' phone rang off the hook all day, except for mine. 

Thank God! An SMS from a student's mom, thanking me for her son's achievement put a period to the series of unfortunate events.

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