Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Cotton Candy Tree (Part 1)

The following is a guest post from Lyn, my daughter. 
Lyn is a twelve- year old who loves singing, reading and 
she's the girl who upholds what is just, especially fair treatment 
and due reward in accordance with standards, honour and law. 
And, the best of all she has a great passion for writing and storytelling.

This story was written and shared during her recent holiday camp.

A very good afternoon to our dearest teachers and friends. I'm Lyn, representing the Speak Out Team.
The Cotton Candy Tree is the title of my story. What on Earth is that tree? Have you heard about it? Yes? No? All right! Here is the yummy-looking tree story...

Long, long ago, there was a young boy called Mark. One fine day, the teenage boy was at a loose end. Thus, he decided to see his grandfather, who was a foot to the grave. Mark's grandpa loved to tell him stories from his childhood. 

Mark walked to his grandpa's house which was just a stone's throw away from his house. The old man lived in an old enormous wooden house. The house looked like a haunted house to many children and they usually tried to avoid from passing by the scary-looking mansion. But, no one knew that Mark's grandfather, Grandpa Fergano, was a generous old man. 

Mark was a little scared at times due to his grandpa's creepy house. Mark knocked at the door. Kok! Kok! A man with a walking stick came out of the house. It was his granddad. He led him into the house. It was quite dark in his house as the old man did not have electricity.  He used many wax candles to light up the house.

"What on Earth bring you here, boy?" asked the old man. "I was bored, so I decided to listen to some interesting stories from this wise old man," replied Mark.

"I'm not old. I'm only 80 years young. Don't you dare say it again!" Mark was not mad at his grandpa's words. It was the old man's way of saying things. "Simmer down. I'm just kidding. You're young, healthy and handsome. Oh! Whatever it is... I want to listen to stories now," said the witty boy with a broad smile. "Ho! Ho! Thanks for your kind words. And, here is a story for you...!"

To be continued.


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Kaz said...

Wow, she is great! You are so lucky Chinda, your daughter is very talented. She has it from you, definitely!

Sophyta said...

Many thanks to Aunty Kaz.Yes. I'm glad that we share the passion...she takes to telling stories like ducks to water.