Friday, 13 July 2012

The Cotton Candy Tree...(Part 2)

The following is a guest post from Lyn, my daughter. 
Lyn is a twelve- year old who loves singing, reading and 
she's the girl who upholds what is just, especially fair treatment 
and due reward in accordance with standards, honour and law. 
And, the best of all she has a great passion for writing and storytelling.

This story was written and shared during her recent holiday camp.

The great old man started telling...

"When I was a kid, there were special trees and they were very beautiful. They were called Babutra tree..."

The impatient Mark asked, "What kind of tree was that? Tell me more. I'm very curious...."

"Ho!Ho! Ho! That tree looks like ...ummm...the cotton candy. It was very good."

"Hah? What? A cotton candy tree? You must be pulling my leg. There's no such tree in this whole wide world. Change the story, please. This is fake! I want a real story from your childhood. Those stories were really really interesting. You don't have to make up one...."

"This is real. Once, there were such trees, but the trees were only planted in the Miracle Garden. I can prove it. I 'll tell you everything...I'll tell you why there isn't any 
Babutra trees left on Earh," explained Mark's granddad.

The old man continued...

" When I was a little boy, there were many 
Babutra  trees. They were planted in the Miracle Garden. There were many kind of creatures living there. There was a bear called Bar-Bar-Loots. It was very cute. It had big and sparkling eyes. It had a 
brown furry body. It had twelve brothers and all of them had the same face.

There was an orange fish. The fish liked singing and humming. There were birds and swans and other creatures too. The creatures were born alongside the Babutra  trees. They lived there happily. They had never  fought nor quarrelled. They always helped each other.

One day, a man named Loo-Ler came to the Miracle Garden on a horse. He planned to chop down the 
Babutra  trees and get their leaves. The leaves were to be made into a special cloth called GicClo. After putting down his tools, he started to chop. One of the trees were felled in a jiffy. The creatures were sad. 

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark. At a distance, the 
awe-stricken creatures saw a bolt of lightning strike the fallen tree, and.....

To be continued.
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