Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Humility and the Story of A Teacher ...

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No doubt being humble has many benefits. Humility can help us be more content with our life, and it can also help us endure bad times and improve our relationships with others.

It's also vitally important to being an effective learner. If we think we know it all, we won't be open-minded enough to seek out new knowledge.

Humility is also, somewhat, an excellent tool for self-development in general. After all, if we feel superior, we have no incentive to improve.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to encounter an act of humility.

DD was my school English mentor for a native speaker programme. As parts of the programme, he did a class in the morning. He did it extremely well and the kids enjoyed his class immensely. At the end of the day, he'd to evaluate his own performance and place scores for each category.

Being a humble teacher, he restrained himself from putting  perfect scores in most of the categories. His justification was he wasn't quick enough to gauge the kid's proficiency level, and to me and my colleagues, it  was a sheer humbleness.

What about you? Have you come across any humbleness?  Were they being humble or sycophantic?

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