Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My Little Posse ...

They are my posse.
They are very dear to me.
Without them, I'm a nobody.

Some are pleasant.
These bunches are hardworking and determined.
They aimed for the best.
They would go to great lengths to reach for the stars.
They don't mind the hard work.
They are pleasant and could be reached.

Some are not...so good.
They are icky.
These so-called rugrats shun homework.
They prefer playing to working.
They dream in class.

Even so, they need my love and care.
They need my guidance.
They need the light.
I can't just leave them in the dark.
I've to lead them to the end of the tunnel.

Though they might not grasp the stars,
I'd be glad if they could at least ...
read the road signs.
I'd be happy if they could at least ...
fill up forms.
I'd be ecstatic if they could at least ...
order food at a foreign restaurant.
I'd be over-joyed if they could at least ...
talk to me in a a grammatically correct English!


Kaz said...

To get the students to have the right attitude in learning English is the biggest obstacle ever. I don't mind if they are weak but I hate it when they could not bother to show their effort to improve themselves at all.

Sophyta said...

Yes, Kaz...it's the biggest thing in our agenda.