Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Children's Father ...

He's the father of my two children.
He's my one and only consultant.
He's the pillar of our strengths. 

He's our navigator.
He maneuvers our ship to the shore.
He's our compass, too.
He directs us through the dense forest.

He fights on when we surrender.
He keeps on moving when we're on the verge of losing.
He's the warrior who constantly championing us.
He's indeed our HERO!

Happy Father's Day to children's father!
We love you, dear!


Kaz said...

Please convey my regards to him. I admire him for his loyalty and sacrifice towards his lovely wife and the whole family. Both of u are lucky to have each other.

Sophyta said...

Sure, I will dear. Thank you for your good words. I believe in love and care. Without these two sacred words, ones can't function as a family!

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

and we love the men in our lives dearly,right honey?
as for me, the further apart we are, the more I longed for him.hik hik hik.

Sophyta said...

absolutely my dear mas. absence makes heart grows fonder...