Sunday, 19 June 2011

Are You Selfish?

Are you selfish?
Of course you're not.
If you are one, you'll not spare your time for my blog.
You'll not be bothered to leave a piece of comment that leaves me smiling the whole day.

I've encountered a number of people who are selfish. These poor souls are not only selfish but they do possess other vain characteristics as well. They are chance-takers. They are dominant. They are a show-off.

These nuisance creatures would jump at every opportunity for self-fulfillment. They would not mind stepping on others' head as they're making their way up. They would cringe at the sight of a menial job but would die for a glamorous one. For a clearer picture, let's have a look at the following vignette.

A few young corporate figures were working in a team, getting ready for a presentation. Suddenly, a glam in the group uttered,"OK, ladies... all of you do the thinking, I'll do the talking!" And off she went away. In other words, the glam is trying to be the group's saviour as she thought that the talking, especially in public, is dreaded by many. But, the bothersome creature failed to realise that not every reserved and composed soul is timid. In this case she might have forgotten the age old adage, an empty vessel makes the most noise, too.

With reference to the above example, the selfish soul has only herself in her mind. She was not bothered about the process as she's concentrating on the outcome. She knew it too well that all the credits would go to the presenter as her team members had put forth their best. She's indeed a great manipulator.

Though we're highly  irritated with these vain people, we shouldn't treat them as such. We're not selfish. I'm not and neither are you, my dear readers. I'd like to end this blabber with this ever green quote...

" Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you."

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