Thursday, 16 June 2011

Kids Who Don't Know How To Play ...

There are children who don't know how to play...not all but, a handful.
Though they are playful, they don't really know how to play.
These poor kids are actually don't know how to play creatively.

They might have lots of toys.
They might possess loads of play things. They might own the latest PC games. Nonetheless, they're lacking in creative play. They don't even know what a make-believe is.

These youngsters seem block and are unable to play. Most of them don't have the pleasure of exploring woods and fields. Many of them rarely have the opportunities to join informal neighbourhood ball games. 

They long to play, but circumstances have driven self-directed play out of their life. As they're left with no choice, they sat in front of screens, gluing either to the TV, video games or computer.

Creative play is something that occurs to the child naturally.
It is refreshing and enlivening. According to child experts, in childhood, there's no distinction between work and play. Kids seems to approach life with a playful spirit. Our conscience duped us, adults, into believing that young children need to be 'taught'.

No doubt, at times,we need to intervene when things are going wrong.
But, in actuality, we need to honour the innate capacity of  learning of every young child. Veritably, the young children are born with a marvelous desire to grow and learn. This instinctive urge should be nurtured and scaffolded rather than stripping them of. The young kids should be allowed to savour their childhood fully. They ought to be given opportunities to discover the magic of life.

Our posse need not be 'taught' every single trivial matters.
New learning that takes place naturally would be more meaningful than what is packaged and served on a silver platter. Those incidental discoveries would be stored in their LTM instead of STM. Eventually, it would lead to holistic individuals who could fully utilise their thinking.

When I was a little girl, I'd gone through a memorable childhood. We, my comrades and I had wonderful time under the sun. A make-believe play was a must-have activity in our play schedule. We're very resourceful, too as we handcrafted most of our playthings.  Surprisingly,the kind of play that we experienced, though small, had a share in our growing up process. We're more open to challenges that lie ahead.

Hope that it's not too late for most of us, educators and parents to mend our ways of bringing up or approaching the young ones. 


Kaz said...

I envy your talent in putting your thoughts perfectly on this blog.

Sophyta said...

Kaz dear, I'm thinking to come up with an award for my great blogger friend...and the recipient would definitely be KAZRINA,the sweet lady lecturer...Thank you for your support, my friend.

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

yes I agree with u Kazrina. Chinda is a great writer and she writes superbly.And Dear Chinda, I respect you for putting much effort in every piece of yr writing, not like me. I just type whatever flash into my mind without much thinking.So pardon me for the careless errors and typo.

Sophyta said...

My dear Mas,each of us is're comfortable with your style of writing... and I like reading your pieces immensely... whereas I'm very fussy and the carry-over effect is reflected in my writing.

It seems another award has to be bestowed upon my dear sis...the most supporting and caring blogger friend!

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

ha ha thank you!thank you! can't wait to see my award......well, u know very well that I care and will always support u...