Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Listen to the Little Voices ...

 "Children should be seen and not heard."

It's a proverb referring to the children who are 
not supposed to speak in the presence of adults.
More often than not, it's used as a way to rebuke 
a child who has spoken when he or she should not.

But, most of the times, adults are too engrossed in 
their conversations and they tend to ignore the children. 
Those poor kids, who are in a dire need to impart an important 
information to adults would be rebuked for chipping in. These adults 
would dismiss the kids and sent them away.

To most grown ups, kids are a nuisance. They are bothersome. 
They are best kept at bay or tucked away somewhere. Hence, kids' voices 
are seldom heard. Their little pleas fall on deaf ears. Their voices are liken 
to whines and sulks.

However, in actuality, everyone has the right to be heard of.
Every God creature can have their say.
Each of us are equal. Size doesn't really matter in this case.

Thus, whenever your child is tugging at you, do spare them a little time.
Don't just hear but listen to them with an open mind. 
They'll feel loved and appreciated if their little voices are heard.


Kaz said...

Tq 4 this sweet reminder Chinda. It is very true as the children always try to fish our attention in their own ways.

Sophyta said...

Dear Kaz, it's heartening to see kids being turned down or shut off by adults...what's more if the said adults are the kids' most trusted parents or guardians. That's why we keep on hearing news about kids being abused or tortured...their voices were not heard.

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

What you have written is very true dear.thanks for reminding and I take that reminder seriously as I ,sometime when I am so engrossed with my work, I tend to ignore what my kids try to tell/say.Noted that.

Sophyta said...

Dear Mas, it had happened to us most of the time ...and it's still happening to me...at times. Actually, it's meant for me ... I'm recollecting what I'd done to my own kids ...how I treated them...and I vow to make a difference.